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What Is WordPress? (WP)

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WordPress (WP) is the simplest, most popular way to create your own website, blog, eCommerce shops, business websites, and etc. In fact, WP powers over 40.0% of all websites on the Internet. Yes – more than a quarter of the websites we visit are powered by WordPress. As the leading CMS, WordPress enables a whole ecosystem of business opportunities.

Slightly improved, WordPress is an open-source (Software which means that its code is visible and accessible. It can be downloaded and used by everyone). content management system licensed under GPLv2, which means that anyone can use or modify the software for free. A content management system is a tool that easily manages the key features of your website – such as content – without knowing anything about programming. The end result is that WordPress creates a website that is accessible to all non-developers.

Difference Between and

wp org vs com is a hosted version of the open-source software WordPress and it’s owned by Automattic. It’s usually used by bloggers who blog as a hobby. If you want to create your business website on you are actually very limited. You can’t upload privately developed plugins or themes and you have to choose between the ones provided by the platform. is the open-source CMS where all the magic happens. You can download the software completely for free and use it as you want, freedom to build any type of website, you can choose where to host it and upgrade it with your own lines of code, Develop plugins, and themes or choose from thousands of WordPress repositories on, Able to place ads and make money from your website.

What Types of Websites Can Build on WordPress?

  • Affiliate Website
  • Auction Websites
  • Blog or Personal Website
  • Business Directory
  • Business Website
  • Coupons Website
  • Dropshipping Website
  • Ecommerce Website / Online Store
  • Fashion / Lifestyle Website
  • Job Board Website
  • Membership Website
  • Micro Job Website
  • Multilingual Websites
  • Non-Profits and Religious Websites
  • Online Courses
  • Forums Website
  • Marketplace Website
  • Podcast Website
  • Portfolio Websites
  • Social Network Website
  • Travel Website
  • Wiki / Knowledge Base Website
  • etc…


ThemeChoosing the best WordPress theme is very important. A theme dictates your website’s design, so you can think of it as a template for your website layout that is used for styling all the front-end parts of the website. Generally, it decides how the website will look visually and how the content will be displayed to your visitors. There are typically over 8,000+ free themes available in the WordPress theme directory.

Tips To Choose Perfect Theme

  • SEO Optimize
  • Outstanding navigation
  • Regular Updates & Support
  • Ease of Use and Easy to Customization
  • Responsive & mobile-friendly
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Translation + Multilingual Ready


WordPress plugins are packs of code that install into WP sites to provide a wide range of functionality. Simply, plugins are WordPress extensions that add a new feature to your website and help to modify and improve WordPress functionality. A single WordPress website can have any number of plugins. Most WordPress websites have at least 5 or 10 plugins installed. There are typically over 59,000+ free plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory.

Important Plugins That Most Of The Websites have

How to Choose The Perfect Domain Name

domain name

  1. You can make up your own catchy, new words.
  2. Use existing words.
  3. You can use a thesaurus to find interesting words that fit your brand.
  4. Aim for 5-14 characters – and remember the shorter, the better, Make Sure It’s Easy To Type and Pronounce.
  5. Avoid Hyphens, Numbers.
  6. When you choose your domain name extension, you can be sure of one thing: “.com” is still the best. According to research from Domain Name Statistics, 43% of all domains have the “.com” extension because “.com” is the most familiar and easiest to remember.

Your domain name will have a significant impact on the success and potential of your website. Make sure to put some careful thought into choosing yours.

How to Choose the Best Hosting

Web Hosting

Hosting is one of the key components of every successful website. When building a website on WordPress you’ll need proper hosting where you can be sure your data is stored and protected perfectly.

Know Which Type of Hosting You Need

  • Shared Hosting is Great for Small to Medium Sites
  • VPS Hosting Offers More Flexibility for Fast-Growing Sites
  • Dedicated Hosting Offers Maximum Server Resources and Security

Understanding Features and the Resources You Required

  • Domain Name Registrations
  • Email addresses and inboxes
  • Storage and RAM
  • Bandwidth and Data Transfer
  • Uptime Rates and Reliability
  • Security and Support options

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